Bailey Island Ride

The Bailey Island Ride is less than a week away. This coming Saturday (August 5, 2017), weather permitting, we will ride up to Bailey Island for lunch at Cook’s Lobster House then a ferry ride back to Portland. This requires 2 or 3 segments to the ride based on where you start.

For those in the Portland area…meet at the Northgate Shopping Center by TD Bank with a departure time of 8 AM. Those in the Yarmouth area will meet at the Hannaford Shopping Center ready to leave at 9 AM. Those in Portland will ride about 12 miles to Yarmouth to meet up with the other group. We will then ride 30 miles to Bailey Island. After lunch we take the 2 PM ferry to Portland…arriving at 3:45 PM. From there we head back to Northgate (5 miles) or Yarmouth (13 miles) depending on where you started. The total ride is about 47 miles if you start in Portland and 43 miles if you start in Yarmouth. All the cue sheets are available on the CBBC RideWithGPS site.

The cost for the one way ferry is $24.50 (adult passenger plus bike). They told me last year they only accept cash for these one way tickets…I’ll have to verify this. Last year the ferry filled up on us and some rode our bikes back home. This year we will call while en route to Bailey Island (when we get to Maquoit Point) to see if there will be room for us (they won’t know until 10 AM when the ferry departs Portland). If it is full we can do an alternate route from Maquoit Point to the farmer’s market on Pleasant St in Brunswick then head back to Yarmouth (or Portland). This alternate ride is a 30 mile loop…not counting 12 miles each way for those who came from Portland. This alternate loop is also in RideWithGPS.

To make it easy to find these 5 rides in RideWithGPS they all have names beginning with “Bailey Island.”