Annual Meeting and Proposed Dues Increase

Our Annual Club Meeting will be held on Monday, October 10th, 2016 at the Yarmouth Community House at 6:00 PM.

Pizza and beverages will be provided, and besides a lively agenda, we will have a guest speaker, so be sure to RSVP and mark your calendars!

Club members will have received a ballot for online voting in advance. If you prefer to vote in person, you may do so at the meeting.

Below is an earlier email Dave sent outlining a proposal to raise our club dues.  We will be voting on this proposal at the Annual Meeting.  Details and rationale are outlined below.

Thank you for being a member of the Casco Bay Bicycle Club!


Dear fellow cyclists, and members of Casco Bay Bicycle Club.

For our last two meetings, the board has discussed the possibility of increasing our club dues.  At the August meeting, we voted to initiate the process of increasing our dues from the current rate of $15/individual $25/family to $25/individual $40/family.  The proposed effective date of the change is to be 1/1/2017.

The rationale for the increase is that our current rate, our dues don’t cover our expenses, and the dues have not been raised within any one’s memory – perhaps since the inception of the club!  Given the convoluted process for changing the dues (see below), we also also thought we would “future proof” and raise the dues to a level that will sustain the club for some years to come.  That was our rationale for raising to $25, rather than $20.

Raising the dues requires an amendment to our club by-laws, with a vote at a meeting open to all members.  All club members are welcome to all our board meetings, but we thought the best time for this vote would be our annual all-club meeting, traditionally held in October or November.   When the board meets next Monday, we’ll set the date for the all-club meeting.  Please consider this email notification that the issue of raising the dues will be on the agenda.

Here is pertinent excerpt from the Club’s by-laws (posted on our website):

6.2 Amount of dues. Dues shall be determined by a majority vote of all members of the Club present at a regular meeting providing that at least fifteen (15) days within written notice is given to the membership, such notice to include the proposed change in dues and date proposed change in due is to be voted. Unless, or until changed, the dues shall be as set forth on EXHIBIT 1 to these By-Laws. All subsequent changes in dues shall be certified by the Club President or secretary and attached to these By-Laws as an exhibit.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the annual meeting, and hopefully on the road before that!

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Collins,
President, Casco Bay Bicycle Club