2017 Dues Increase

At the 2016 annual club meeting, we voted to increase our dues from the current rate of $15/individual $25/family to $25/individual $40/family. This rate will apply to new memberships and renewals starting 1/1/2017.

If your membership is current, you are all set for the balance of your 12 months. The new rate only applies next time you renew after 1/1 and will cover you for another 12 months from that point.

The rationale for the increase is that at the old rate, our dues didn’t cover our expenses, and the dues had not been raised within any one’s memory – perhaps since the inception of the club! Given the convoluted process for changing the dues (see below), we also also thought we would “future proof” and raise the dues to a level that will sustain the club for some years to come.

See you on the road in 2017!